Good Electro Wizard Decks

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There isn't any defensive building card you can use. Check out these decks and strategies for winning the new legendary card.

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What is the closest replacement for the card?

Good electro wizard decks. In combination with the royal giant and the furnace. Is the electro wizard good? Its defensive potential is excellent and offensive potential is great.

The skeletons, the log and the ice spirit are very versatile cards, with a low elixir cost that will allow you to cycle your miner which is the win condition of this deck. Best clash royale decks for all arenas. Your push is a sp.

The electro wizard does very well against the hog rider. For an f2p player, i would call this deck very bad. I hope you guys enjoyed this article all about explaining the electro wizard and the great.

I think it's a beatdown deck. It is suggested that you provide support for it as the hog rider is typically not sent in alone. Double prince electro giant deck 2021 arena 11+

On friday, december 23, supercell will kick off a new kind of challenge event, which allows players to win the latest legendary card added to the game. Best electro wizard decks deck #1. Electro wizard’s spawn & stun effect is not.

Skeleton dragons witch best electro giant decks 2021. Honestly, i have no idea! It has the ability to stun and reset troop charges (like sparky, inferno dragon, prince, etc.) keep reading to see the best decks with electro wizard that will make you win trophies and beat challenges.

Don’t be too aggressive when you use your lighting spell, try to get good spell value while taking out their main support cards, and if you play against miner or hog player try to activate your king tower as soon as possible with tornado. Ice wizard with electro giant deck. His spawn can clear swarm troops and his stun attack can slow down opponent’s troops.

Figuring out the miner is more important than figuring out the electro wizard for that reason. Here the electro wizard will complete a solid defense with the valkyrie and the inferno tower. If the hog rider is deployed alone, he can prevent it from getting more than one hit.

The electro wizard can also shut down sparky very well. Looking for the best clash royale electro wizard decks and strategies for winning the upcoming electro wizard challenge? * sparky * lumberjack * night witch * miner * princess * ice wizard * electro wizard * log so how does this deck work?

Electro wizard is usually used as a defensive card in a deck. This control deck is based on a very fast card cycle with an elixir cost of 3 and a good defense. 3x elixir 3m pekka prince gs.

This deck has 4.3 average elixir cost. Arena 1 arena 2 arena 3 arena 4 arena 5 arena 6 arena 7 arena 8 arena 9 arena 10 arena 11 arena 12 arena 13 arena 14 legendary arena. We find the electro wizard in many decks including a tank:

Its attack potential is excellent and defense potential is excellent. You can use electro wizard and magic archer cards for air defense. This deck has 3.9 average elixir cost.

How to use electro wizard deck. Royal hog electro spirit clan war 2 duel decks 2021 this clash royale magic archer royal hogs electro spirit deck has 53.1% win rate, in this the hunter and mini pekka are two great defensive unit that are capable of handling hog riders, ram riders, giants, golems and electro spirit is a great cycle card but more importantly, it’s a great. The electro wizard is an excellent support unit in a push due to his ability to reset inferno towers.

This deck is a classic and is based on good defense. Find your new clash royale deck now! He can then perform good counter attack if you successfully shield him with a mini tank or tank.

The electro wizard is a legendary card that costs 4 elixir and it can be obtained from arena 11 (electro valley). Hi guys clash royale best electro wizard decks 2021 arena 8+ today, we are talking a look at clash royale best electro wizard decks 2021 arena 8+ these clash royale best electro wizard decks 2021 has been used by a few top players in challenges, and now peoples are using these clash royale best electro wizard decks 2021 on a ladder, 1.pekka miner royal ghost e wiz deck 2. Zap and poison are damage spell cards.

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