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TRISPED Staff training Solutions with faded woman teaching boy trisped pyramid, gray and black
Dedicated to the development and evaluation of affordable, user-friendly support and training materials.
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"YES is a powerhouse program. It's tailored specifically for youth and adults with disabilities..."   Read More Quotes

picture of the YES interface Your Employment Selections (YES) is a reading-free, job preference and career exploration program that shows tasks related to 120 different jobs using motion video on CD-ROM.

YES was designed for-

  • youth in transition
  • adults with disabilities
  • individuals with limited reading skills

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Click here to view excerpts from the YES! Facilitator's Manual.*

This document is available in PDF format. To download your free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here

Introduction to the YES! Program
Jobs shown in the YES! Program
Frequently Asked Questions
Locksmith Supplemental Information
Restaurant Cook Supplemental Information
Theater Worker Supplemental Information
*Thank you for your interest in the YES! Program. We are pleased to be able to provide this on-line excerpt from the Facilitator's Manual. It is our hope that this information will provide you with a brief overview of the YES! Program. Please call us at 1-877-722-3991 with any questions. We would love to hear from you!

YES can be completed at a computer in 60-90 minutes. With the assistance of a teacher, transition specialist, employment specialist, or other facilitator, participants view a number of 2-4 minute narrated videos. After viewing the videos, participants select their preferred jobs. Those selected are compiled into a list, which may be used to guide the Individual Transition Plan, job sampling, or training. YES includes recommendations for modifying jobs if the participant does not possess all of the skills represented in the video.

The program includes: YES manual and CD's

  • One 300 page Facilitator's Manual
  • 7 CD-ROMs showing 120 jobs
  • 20 Job Preference Summary Forms

Computer Requirements:

  • Monitors having 800 x 600 pixels resolution
  • QuickTime 4.0 downloaded and installed (instructions provided)
  • 24-speed CD-ROM
  • 256 MHz processor
  • 64 mg RAM

Sorry, only PC version available at this time!

  "YES is a powerhouse program. It's tailored specifically for youth and adults with disabilities. It is a fantastic opportunity for youth and adults to learn about jobs and select a short list of possible placements. A great instrument to help with transition.


-Dr. Ed O'Leary, Mountain/Plains Regional Resource Center, Rapid City, SD.

"The YES program is fun, easy, and motivating. The students I work with are nonverbal or have motor difficulties. They are mildly intellectually disabled. The YES program is accessible to all these ability levels. It is age appropriate and treats the students as responsible young adults who are interested in pursuing satisfying employment opportunities."

-Julie Welch, Crescent View Middle School, Jordan School District

"I had the opportunity to use "YES" while I was student teaching at Crescent View Middle School. I found it to be an incredible program! "YES" helped us understand the type of work environment that our students desired to be in. Even our nonverbal students found success in finding their ideal setting. "YES" will be one of the first programs that I purchase to accurately place my students in a vocational program."

-Melissa Francom, Student Teacher, Cresent Middle School

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