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Enhancing the Skills of Paraeducators (Second Edition) is a text and video training program from Technology, Research and Innovations in Special Education (TRISPED).

Organizations and Clearinghouses for Paraeducators

National Resource Center for Paraprofessionals Dedicated to increasing the effectiveness of teacher and paraeducator teams and promoting the training of paraprofessionals.

The National Clearinghouse for Professions in Special Education: Paraeducators Information on a many different aspects of a career as a paraeducator- such as how to prepare, the nature of the work and job outlook.

CEC Knowledge and Skill Standards for Beginning Paraeducators Includes the national standards for the preparation of paraeducators of students with exceptionalities from the Council for Exceptional Children Professional Standards and Practice Standing Committee.

AFT Paraprofessionals and School-Related Personnel Information on Paraprofessionals and School-Related Personnel from the American Federation of Teachers.

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Paraeducator Articles

National Clearinghouse for Paraeducator Resources A collection of full text resources and articles and abstracts from the Center for multilingual, multicultural research at the University of Southern California.

Paraeducators: Factors That Influence Their Performance, Development, and Supervision An ERIC digest concerned with the need to develop standards and infrastructures for improving the employment, placement, preparation and supervision of paraeducators in inclusive general and special education classrooms.

ERIC Paraprofessionals FAQ A sample of citations to articles available from the ERIC database.

United Federation of Teachers Paraprofessional Links Health and Safety for Paraprofessionals, Career Ladder and an inspirational story about Albert Shanker

Paraprofessionals in the Education Workforce A resource offered by the National Education Association (NEA) prepared by Anna Lou Pickett.

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Training Resources

University of Nebraska-Lincoln - Paraeducator Training Resources On-line instructional resource programs for both paraeducators and the teachers who supervise them.

Substitute Paraeducator Handbook- Lincoln Public Schools An online handbook developed to provide substitute paraeducators with some of the general information that substitutes deem important.

LRConsulting A process involvement group for special education offering consultation and training programs for paraeducators and supervisors.

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State and Local Sites

Minnesota Paraprofessional Consortium An example of how one state attempts to keep Minnesota paraprofessionals, and the individuals that support them, abreast of current resources, news, and activities that will assist them in their work.

Paraeducator Support and Paraeducator Training at the University of Vermont Companion Projects designed to develop, implement and evaluate a model for effective use of paraeducators and improvement of training through model preservice and inservice programs.

Bates Technical College Paraeducator Training Program An example of a statewide (Washington), distance-learning opportunity for individuals currently working as paraeducators or those wishing to enter the field.

Paraeducator Issues- Washington Education Association A comprehensive list of resources to assist in the development of competencies and related inservice training strategies for paraeducators/paraprofessionals working in special education.

The Utah Paraeducator Consortium The Utah Paragraph Newsletter and other Paraeducator resources

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Specific Job Information

Roles for Education Paraprofessionals in Effective Schools A publication from the U.S. Department of Education from 1997 which outlines the roles of paraprofessionals and gives an overview of effective programs.

Occupational Outlook Handbook: Teacher Assistants A source of career information from the U.S. Department of Labor, provides in-depth information.

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