Colleagues Detailed Program Overview

Colleagues in the Classroom is designed to provie teachers (the trainees) with the information they need to work effectively with paraeducators. Teachers and paraeducators may also work together using this program. Colleagues in the Classroom presents basic information about exercising leadership, clarifying roles and responsibilities, sharing information, strengthening interpersonal communication, handling management and supervision issues, and evaluating personnel. THe purpose of the program is to enhance the working relationships of classroom personnel so that the instruction to students is consistent and effective, classroom activities are well-coordinated, and the stress that sometimes develops between adults in the classroom is decreased. The information is organized in six units:

UNIT 1: The Teacher is a Leadership Role.
(a discussion of the leadership role of the classroom teacher, different leadership approaches and methods of supervision)
UNIT 2: Clarifying Roles and Responsibilities
(ways to clarify roles adn responsibilities of teachers and paraeducators)
UNIT 3: Strengthening Interpersonal Communication
(ways to strengthen interpersonal communication skills when interacting with other educators and students)
UNIT 4: Preempting Management Problems
(how to effectively lead classroom teams by preempting management problems and some specific ways to deal with them when they do occur)
UNIT 5: Strengthening Performance in the Classroom
(the advantages of an open door policy, training principles and the importance of positive and corrective feedback outlined)
UNIT 6: Evaluating Staff Performance
(decribes the purpose of and different types of evaluation as well as characteristics of and effective evaluator and receiver of an evalutation)