"We've used both ESP and 'Colleagues.' Our staff really liked the way the programs addressed their needs..."   Read More

Colleagues in the Classroom cover Colleagues in the Classroom is a video-assisted training program designed to provide teachers with the practical supervision skills necessary to work with paraeducators (paraprofessionals). The program focuses on reducing the potential for strain between teachers and paraeducators. By enhancing the working relationships of classroom personnel, instruction to students is consistent and effective and classroom activities are better coordinated.

Subject matter is divided into 6 units of instruction with lessons focusing on exercising leadership, clarification of roles and responsibilities, interpersonal communication, team building, prevention and management of supervision problems, and personal evaluation. Training may be presented to small groups of teachers and paraeducators by a facilitator through a university seminar or via distance education. Subject matter and training is easily adaptable to meet local needs and policies.

The program includes: colleagues program: books, videos and case

  • One 212 page Facilitator's Manual
  • Six 212 page Trainee's Manuals
  • 43 quiz questions
  • 14 workbook & application exercises
  • 90 minutes of video
  • 40 video & practice scenes
"We've used both ESP and 'Colleagues.' Our staff really liked the way the programs addressed their needs. they get useful information that they can apply in their classrooms. No hype or jargon."

-Dr. Edward Cancio, Director, Special Education, Chicago, IL