ASSIST Table of Contents

Advancing Skills of Specialists on Individual Support Teams focuses on skills such as advocating for persons with disabilities and safeguarding their rights, preparing and delivering instruction, carrying out activities related to Individual Plans, gathering information on a person's progress, and troubleshooting problems. The format provides flexibility for instructors and emphasizes training skills used in community living. ASSIST consists of 10 Modules:

MODULE 1: Overview of Developmental Disabilities
(a brief history and description so developmental disabilities)
MODULE 2: Protection and Advocacy of a Person's Rights
(describes important issues related to protecting and advocating civil and legal rights and working to enhance quality of life)
MODULE 3: Program Development
(ways that direct service specialists can assist in creating a plan for achieveing a person's career and life goals)
MODULE 4: Principles of Assessment
(principles, types and phases of assessment as well as graphing procedures)
MODULE 5: Task Analysis
(describes the purpose, use and basic steps of task analysis procedures)
MODULE 6: Data Collection Strategies
(describes five recording procedures for collecting data on a learner's performance)
MODULE 7: Instructional Procedures for Community Settings
(describes instructional procedures, delivering instruction to strengthen skills and ways to troubleshoot instructional problems)
MODULE 8: Fading Assistance and Generalizing Skills
(specific ways to fade assistance and generalize skills)
MODULE 9: Strengthening Positive Social Behaviors
(principles of behavior- antecedents and consequences, identification of positive reinforcers adn informal behavioral intervention procedures)
MODULE 10: Communicating Learner's Progress
(describes some issues related to communication among specialists, parents/guardians, families and other support team members)

*Each Module begins with an Overview and listing of Key Terms