ASSIST Cover Advancing Skills of Specialists on Individual Support Teams (ASSIST) is a training program for direct service staff designed to give specialist the information needed to help individuals with disabilities assume their roles as active citizens in our communities.

ASSIST is divided into 10 modules, which focus on skills such as advocating for persons with disabilities and safeguarding their rights, preparing and delivering instruction, carrying out activities related to Individual Plans, gathering information on a persons progress, and troubleshooting in problems. ASSIST can used for training small groups of people or for individual study with a mentor. The flexible format makes it easy to customize training to meet the needs and policies of the organization.

The program includes:
complete ASSIST program, 1 book

  • One 164 page Manual
  • Four group exercises
  • Two workbook exercises
  • Four application exercises
  • 20 quizzes
  • 44 pages of appendices