ASSET Table of Contents

ASSET focuses on general skills. This program addresses topics important to many specialists, including those working with employees who have various disabilities. Since its scope is broad, the program is organized around general principles that have a wide range of application.
ASSET's format is flexible. The program can be presented by a rehabilitation specialist, program director, community college instructor, or other professional who supervises specialists.
ASSET's emphasis is on training skills used in supported employment. While the program covers concepts and terms, it focuses primarily on procedures used by specialists to work in community employment settings. These procedures include conducting task analysis, using positive reinforcement, training job tasks, etc. Application exercises in some units encourage the specialists to carry out activities in their own employment settings.
The program is broken into five units:

UNIT 1: Introduction to Supported Employment
(describes fundamental information about supported employment.)
UNIT 2: Job Marketing and Development
(basic info on the marketing process, organizaing job prospect information and job development procedures.)
UNIT 3: Job Assessment
(principles of assessment, analyzing job tasks, recording data, matching preferences and jobs and modifying jobs.)
UNIT 4: Job-based Instructional Procedures
(procedures from promoting job skills in community settings: job performance, safety and social.)
UNIT 5: Behavioral Procedures
(methods for strengthening appropriate behavior of supported employees.)